Nothing is something worth doing

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Mar 1


Late evening
No curtains
Modest mouse noses
A warm furry ball
Ninja will tell a story
Stretching her panther’s slim body
Against my stressed shoulder
Will stick her watery button
In my cuddly hands
We play after i cry
She listens
There is this boring theme
That goes on and on
For long weeks
Such a little creature
Shakes the cabinets of a wardrobe
Shakes my fears for monsters
But reveals her smoky face
With a smile on a lace of whiskers
Paper plane lands by my feet

Feb 28
Work in process.

Work in process.

Feb 22

Feb 19

Feb 18


I promise to never stop painting.

The subject of paintings will be the wonderful life that I live, the wonderful people I am with. It will be more precious than photographs and I will never run out of ideas.

- Me

Sep 21

Enchanted nature and domesticated creatures.

Mar 11

Mar 3

Feb 18

Feb 12
"Being watched", a painting for a good friend.

"Being watched", a painting for a good friend.

Jan 31

life like cosmos

Far away, on a remote island of a galaxy a star was born. That star, as many other stars in the night sky, has its own story. Since the very beginning, it refused to shine and swim apathetically in the night sky. And a division was made. Its shiny and soft skin turned into gray and rough surfaces of a meteorite. It said goodbye to all other stars and begun a journey in a search of eternity and immortal knowledge.

By floating in weightless space, and passing by various planets, the star found home and shelters as well as it saw and discovered many interesting things. Other meteorites became its teachers and shared big knowledge with it. Some of them became its soul mates that granted it the experience of big feelings.

The years go by, the star is still floating to a land of nowhere, being carried away by other meteorites. On its way it bathes in warm waters of nebulas and get scratched by sharp edges of foreign planets. And still, it follows its destiny.

At this moment, the star just entered a galactic highway of the Milky Way, where everything is so inexplicable and where bright light of myriads of other stars dazzle its eyes and make it dance in the dark. This way is inevitable for the star, so it takes it in hopes to bring new glow back and get closer to its dreams.


NoUniversal panic
Leave the room of becoming
Shut what became
Behind the door
Being is destroyed by purity
Shout and levitate objects
In a black hole
Shrink into a sugar cube
And pray for rain to begin
Learn patiently how to 
Be nothing again.

Jan 13

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